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Providing Comprehensive Hand Therapy Services Since 1984.

Hello. Thank you for looking at my web page. I am from the Island of Guam, where I was raised with my 11 siblings. My original passion was to become a marine biologist in order to preserve the ecosystem of Guam. However, when the University of Guam lost accreditation, I changed my career path and enlisted in the US Army, serving from October 1975 through October 1978, and receiving an honorable discharge.

I received my AA degree from Alan Hancock Community College, transferred to San Jose State University, where I graduated with a BS degree in Occupational Therapy, my second passion. After working for various hospitals, I pursued a private practice in hand therapy. I have been practicing hand therapy for 31 years, specializing in shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand rehabilitation. I hope I have the chance to serve you, either in Olympia or Centrailia.

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